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Revolutionizing Healthcare Digital Services​

An innovative technology company delivering powerful platforms for healthcare management needs.​ ​ Trusted by Industry Leaders. Curated Success for 200+ Brands​

Transform Your IVF Business with MedART​

MedART is a NextGen cloud-based platform to cater all your ART digitalization needs. It unlocks the potential of ART business by improving patient experience and transforming business operations through intelligent insights and control.
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All-in-one solution for your ART and IVF needs.



Clinical module of EMR wholesomely captures entire patient clinical journey starting from their evaluation, history, infertility treatment planning, ovarian stimulation, medication, embryo transfer, ANC care till live birth which enables to track all Vienna and Maribor KPI’s for ART clinics.



MedART assists the patient from onboarding to complete treatment. It allows the clinics to deliver satisfactory care & great experience to the patient.

Medical Record


MRD module stores and organizes essential medical records, test results, and documents related to IVF treatment cycles, ensuring efficient management and access to patient information.



Every aspect of managing and administrating clinics has been streamlined with MedArt. The system covers all your admin related tasks.



Every aspect of managing and administrating clinics has been streamlined with MedArt. The system covers all your admin related tasks.



MedART laboratory module includes Test Reports,​ Pathology, Radiology​, Research and Bulk Data Analysis​.



MedART includes all the pharmacy related services like Stock Management​, Purchase, Inventory Control​, Reorder, Sales​, and Quality Check​.



EMR enables to manage IVF lab as per QA/QC standards, stock management, preventive maintenance and capturing all Vienna and Maribor KPI’s .

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The dedicated andrology module helps in standardizing andrology reports among individual and centers, also helps them in documenting semen preparations and cryopreservation.

Experience the power of MedART EMR - with meddilink

See the future with Meddilink. Book your demo and experience it firsthand!

Experience the power of MedART EMR

See the future with Meddilink. Book your demo and experience it firsthand!


best ivf art management software in India

Holistic EMR System for ART Clinics​

Our platform is not just powerful; it’s the best IVF software in India, providing unparalleled capabilities to streamline and enhance your assisted reproductive technology workflows.  A unified platform to manage all ART clinical and operational processes. Provides powerful analytics for patient health insights and business performance.​ Cloud-based with extensive integrations for a seamless experience. ​


Choosing the Best IVF Software - Meddilink
Meddilink IVF Software offers the best platform when it comes to managing their Surrogacy Clinics IVF and Fertility Clinics.The solution facilitates record management with complete details of infertility treatment along with the examinations, procedures, and treatments.

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Featuring Our Expertise

Streamlines Process-flow

Patient Engagement & Satisfaction

Go paperless​​

Adhere to SOP’s Compliance​

Adhere to SOP’s Compliance​

Reduced Operational Cost

Futuristic Solutions

NextGen Solution​

Cloud-Based Platform ​

One Patient - Multiple Clinics

Hassle-free Migration from another EMR/EHR

NextGen Solution​

Go paperless​​

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Yes, MedART EMR can be easily integrated with lab machines through Diacom and HL7 interface for other applications. Also, it is highly integrated with more than 30 integrations.

    Meddilink is an innovative technology company delivering powerful platforms for healthcare management needs. We deliver holistic hospital management information systems for healthcare businesses covering stakeholders like Doctors, Patients, Radiologist, Pathologist, Lab team, Accountants, Billing, Pharmacists, Reception, Management, fitness coaches and more.

    Our futuristic design and technologically advanced solution for clinic management and smart hospitals helps in streamlining processes, reducing operational cost, promote paperless flow while ensuring greater patient engagement and efficiency.

    • Get customized solutions as per your business requirement.
    • Healthcare domain expertise with the successful implementation of 130+ center hospitals.
    • Capability to leverage AI/ML-based services for next-gen solutions.
    • Connect with all the stakeholders with our complete and extensive healthcare ecosystem.
    • Get custom mobility solution.
    • 100% data security & 24*7 support.

    Yes, the main feature that distinguishes MedART EMR from other software is that it’s highly scalable and can be easily customized, irrespective of the size of fertility clinics. It also has high adaptability to industry developments and promises future updates. MedART can be an excellent choice for any healthcare center looking to advance its services and ensure sophisticated control of everyday operations.

    MedART EMR takes the privacy and security of patient information seriously and adheres to relevant regulations and standards. We have implemented robust measures to meet the standards set forth by HIPAA.

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